Today, we are diving into our 97 Point, Double Gold Russian River Valley Chardonnay.

Harvest & Winemaking Details:

This clone 17 Chardonnay we handpicked early in the morning to preserve the fruit’s integrity. The whole clusters were delivered to our bladder press for gentle pressing. The juice was then moved straight to stainless steel tanks for settling. After 48hrs, it was racked off the heavy lees to our barrels where fermentation begins. Once primary fermentation was completed, secondary fermentation began until it reached 90% malolactic fermentation conversion, providing the richness and depth that is the hallmark of our Chardonnay. We kept 10% of our native Malic acid to preserve acidity. Aged sur lie in a blend of French and American oak, the barrels are regularly stirred to develop a creamy texture and complex flavors. After 11 months, the wine was racked from barrels to tanks for the final bottling preparation

In the glass, the Chardonnay displayed a beautiful, pale golden hue. The clarity is impeccable, and the wine glistened under the light, hinting at the richness that awaited.

The nose was an immediate delight. Aromas of ripe pear, apple, and a hint of baking spices filled the air. There was a subtle undercurrent of vanilla and oak, suggesting a well-balanced use of barrels in the aging process. As the wine opened up, delicate floral notes and a slight minerality began to emerge.

The wine had a creamy texture that coats the palate without being overly heavy. Flavors of crisp green apple, juicy pear, and a touch of baking spices danced harmoniously. The oak influence was present but not overpowering, providing just the right amount of vanilla and a hint of spice. The balance of fruit and oak was exceptional, making each sip a perfectly orchestrated experience.

The finish was long and satisfying, with the bright acidity ensuring the wine ended on a refreshing note. The lingering flavors of fruit and a touch of buttery oak made it hard not to take another sip immediately.

Overall Impressions:
This Chardonnay lives up to its high rating and then some. It is a wine that exemplifies the quality and elegance that can be achieved in the Russian River Valley. Perfect for pairing with a variety of dishes or simply enjoying on its own, this Chardonnay has earned a spot in my list of favorites. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in its production are evident, and it is a testament to what dedicated winemaking can produce.

97 Points & Double Gold – North Coast Wine Competitio

Double Gold – SF Chronical Wine Competition

92 Points – The Somm Journal