Embrace the world of fine wines and delve deep into Sonoma County’s unparalleled offerings with the Bowman Cellars Wine Club, your passport to wine excellence. For wine enthusiasts familiar with Sonoma County’s venerated vineyards, Bowman Cellars stands as an epitome of the region’s excellence. But beyond the tasting rooms, there lies an exclusive gateway to the full spectrum of Bowman Cellars’ offerings. The true essence of the Bowman Cellars Wine Club is its intimate community of wine lovers. It’s a space where members, whether beginners or seasoned oenophiles, come together to share, learn, and revel in their shared passion for wine.

Bowman Cellars Wine Club: More Than a Membership

Joining the Bowman Cellars Wine Club isn’t merely about regular wine deliveries, though that is undoubtedly a highlight. It’s an invitation to be part of a community that cherishes the nuances of wine, celebrates the region’s rich history, and partakes in events that are both enlightening and entertaining.

Benefits Galore: Perks of Being a Member

  1. Exclusive Access to Rare Wines: Before they hit the market, members get priority access to limited edition wines, ensuring they never miss out on a unique bottle.
  2. Curated Wine Deliveries: Depending on the chosen membership tier, members can receive bi-annual selections of Bowman Cellars’ finest, delivered right to their doorstep.
  3. Special Events and Tastings: From winemaker dinners to barrel tastings and blending sessions, members are frequently treated to exclusive events. Not to mention complimentary tastings of current releases when they visit.
  4. Discounted Offerings: Purchases at Bowman Cellars, be it in the tasting room or online, come with special member discounts.

Bowman Cellars Wine Club’s Commitment to Quality

The Wine Club isn’t just about quantity but leans heavily on the quality Bowman Cellars is renowned for. From the sun-kissed grapes of Sonoma County to the skilled hands of their winemaker, every bottle delivered to members is a testament to Bowman’s dedication to excellence. Choose which wines you want in your allocation or let us do it for you! Life is already complicated, wine clubs shouldn’t be.

Bowman’s Sustainable Approach

In today’s world, where sustainability is paramount, members of the Bowman Cellars Wine Club can take pride in supporting vineyards that’s deeply committed to eco-friendly practices. From water conservation and organic farming methods to using renewable energy sources in their operations, Bowman Cellars ensures that every bottle produced has the least impact on the environment.

Personalized Wine Recommendations

Recognizing that every wine lover has unique preferences, the Wine Club goes above and beyond to offer personalized wine recommendations. Based on feedback, past selections, and evolving tastes, members often find that the wines they receive align perfectly with their preference.


Sonoma County is a wine lover’s dream, and the Bowman Cellars Wine Club is the key to unlocking its full potential. With each sip, members are transported to the rolling hills and vineyards, experiencing the essence of Bowman Cellars and the spirit of Sonoma.


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