A flagship wine of Bowman Cellars is their Russian River Valley Chardonnay. Russian River Valley’s climate is heavily influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the coastal fog that often rolls in, creating ideal conditions for growing grapes with balanced acidity and complex flavors. The cooler temperatures help to preserve the grape’s natural acidity, resulting in Chardonnay wines that are typically more crisp and well-structured compared to those from warmer regions.

Barrel-fermented for 11 months on both French and American oak, with only 20% new oak, adds a complexity to their Russian River Valley Chardonnay that makes it stand out the most. Many guests have mentioned that they did not like Chardonnay until they tried the Bowman Cellars Russian River Valley Chardonnay.

Katie Bowman’s favorite wine is the Bowman Cellars Russian River Valley Chardonnay. It is a great sipping wine, and her favorite food to pair it with is a sharp coastal cheddar and a granny smith apple.

Happy sipping!