Sonoma County winery, Wine enthusiasts often find themselves drawn to the sweeping landscapes and complex bouquets of Sonoma County. Here at Bowman Cellars, we pride ourselves on capturing the essence of this region in every bottle. Join us on a narrative journey through our wines, understanding what makes Sonoma, and specifically Bowman Cellars, stand out.

A Sonoma County Winery

At the heart of Sonoma County lies Bowman Cellars, located in the Russian River Valley. Our legacy intertwines with the rich history of California, celebrating its unique terroir and our commitment to quality. For many generations, the Bowman family has been passionately dedicated to farming and more recently in the area of viticulture and winemaking, producing wines that resonate with both character and finesse. Our storied is deeply interwoven with Sonoma’s vibrant history, a region renowned for its diverse and remarkable terroir. This unique land, with its varied climate and soil compositions, imparts distinct flavors and characteristics to our wines. At Bowman Cellars, we don’t just make wine; we pay homage to Sonoma’s rich heritage with every bottle. Our unyielding commitment to quality ensures that every sip you take is a true reflection of our dedication, the land’s essence, and the timeless bond between the two.

Terroir Talks: Sonoma’s Multifaceted Landscape

Sonoma County Winery – from coastal breezes to sunlit valleys – bestows a distinctive character to our grapes. Bowman Cellars expertly harnesses this diversity, ensuring each wine tells a story of its origin.

Sustainability: The Bowman Way

Bowman Cellars champions environmentally friendly practices. Our sustainable approach, from the vine to the bottle, emphasizes harmony with nature, ensuring a healthier planet and purer wines.

Bowman’s Signature Wines: A Tasting Guide

  • Bowman Cellars Pinot Noir: Russian River ValleyGorgeous rich fruit with a mix of red berries, dark cherries, and plum with subtle hints of cedar. Soft rich fruit on the palate with juicy acidity bringing it all together on the finish. Aged in luxurious French Oak barrels
  • Bowman Cellars Chardonnay: Russian River ValleyWhole cluster, single vineyard clone 17 Chardonnay was bladder pressed, and aged sur lie in a blend of French and American Oak. 90% ML. Creamy texture, complex flavors, and nice acidity makes it a wonderful wine for all cuisine.
  • Bowman Cellars Zinfandel: Sierra FoothillsOur estate zinfandel is aged  on French and American Oak. Beautiful aromas of black cherry, ripe strawberries and spice. Mild black pepper undertones with a clean bright finish.

Tips for Visiting Bowman Cellars

  • Reservations Rule: Our wines are best enjoyed unhurried. Book your tasting session in advance for a curated experience.
  • Seasonal Surprises: Inquire about our seasonal releases and exclusive tastings. At Bowman, there’s always something new.
  • Engage and Enquire: Our team loves sharing the Bowman story. Delve deeper by asking about our wines, our heritage, and our winemaking philosophy.

Conclusion: Sonoma County is a canvas of viticultural brilliance, and Bowman Cellars adds its own vibrant strokes. Our wines, steeped in tradition and modern sophistication, await to tantalize your palate.

Craving a true Sonoma experience? Plan your visit to Bowman Cellars and let the magic of our wines enchant you.

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